Bride-To-Be Gets Backed Online For Refusing To Alter Her Wedding Meals For A Nagging Guest.

Have you ever worked on a wedding? How about your own wedding? Then you really get how difficult this duty is and how much accountability it implies. Whatever you do, it’s difficult to please everyone… Read this story to know what happened in this wedding and how you would deal with such a situation.

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I (mid 20sF) am getting married. We have sent out our invites and they are slowly starting to come back to us. We have family across the globe and with our postal service strikes, we decided to send them out early.

We invited one of our friends (mid 20s F) and her partner (late 20s M). Her partner has been difficult. When we sent out the invites, he called me asking if the options on the invite, were the only ones available. The options are grilled salmon with a lemon and caper sauce, grilled chicken or mushroom stroganoff. The salmon and chicken come with baby potatoes and seasonal vegetables. I told him these were the only options, and we wouldn’t be adding more but they can be amended if he has a dietary preference – one of our guests is a dairy free vegetarian and the stroganoff is being made vegan for them. He said he didn’t like fish or mushrooms and thinks chicken is a bit plain for a wedding before settling on the chicken. A couple days later, he calls to change his mind and decides he will have the salmon. He then proceeded to jump between all 3 options a couple times, each time finding a reason why he didn’t want it (Salmon tastes too fishy, the chicken will be dry, stroganoff is too heavy for a wedding meal, etc).

This morning, I got a call from my caterer (who is his partner’s brother), and he contacted her asking if she can make him his own specific meal. He’s asking for an expensive steak, vegetables, boiled potatoes and peppercorn sauce. I’ll admit I kind of saw red and called him annoyed that he tried to go around me and order what he wanted. The caterer laughed at him and told him that he had the options available and just to pick one. When I called him, I told him that he will be having the chicken and that if he doesn’t like it then he can just go without as I won’t have him calling the caterer to order something completely different. He wasn’t happy when I told him, he argued I was being a bridezilla and that I needed to get off my high horse. His partner has also been in touch, constantly sending me messages about how I know that he needs to have ‘proper’ meat at every meal otherwise he’s sick and that fish and chicken won’t sustain him, and that ‘it’s just one steak, it’s not like he’s asking you to serve him a cow.’ It’s ridiculous, he can go without red meat for one meal, it won’t kill him.

Am I A Jerk for suggesting that he gets what he is served or goes without?

Edit: Sorry, I wrote this when tired. The caterer is the friend’s brother. He said no to making a steak, he’s not a fan of the partner – can’t imagine why (sarcasm). The friend and her partner have tried again to get him a steak, I’ve told them that she’s welcome to attend but he is no longer invited. She’s not coming to the wedding and as far as I can tell, she has blocked me on social media. Oh well, she clearly wasn’t the friend I thought she was if she was this upset over a steak.

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