Bright Boy Deals Perfectly With This Cunning Delivery Driver. LESSON FOR ALL.

Source: Reddit

I work from home. Receive a notification on my phone that my Amazon package has been delivered. It’s a couple hundred dollar item so I immediately go outside but no package anywhere. I was outside as the delivery van was driving away so literally no way a package thief snatched it in 20 seconds. The Amazon driver is two houses down. “Excuse me. I received notification that my package was just delivered but it’s not there.”

Driver looking shocked stammering over words “oh, uh, what’s the address?”

Give him address.

“Yeah I just delivered it to you”

“No you didn’t. I’m calling Amazon and y’all can sort this out” start walking away

Driver calls out “oh I found your package. But it says there’s an issue and I can’t deliver it. It’s likely a duplicate and another driver will be by later to deliver the correct one”

“Then why did you mark it as delivered”

“Oh because I didn’t see there was an error. The other driver will be by later”

“No, I’m calling Amazon now” walk away called Amazon to report the incident.

They say nothing is wrong with my package and it’s marked as delivered. I tell them about the interaction and they say the driver should’ve given me the package. Even if it’s a duplicate the driver is not supposed to withhold a package. They’ll investigate and get back to me in 24 hours.

2 minutes after getting off the phone with Amazon door bell rings. I happened to be next to the door so open it within 5 seconds to see the same delivery driver hauling ass down my driver. Jumps in delivery van and speeds off through the neighborhood. Look down and my package is there.

Call Amazon again to let them know that I just got the package and it was the same driver who hauled tail. They said they would be opening an investigation into the driver. I also told them about how fast he was driving through the neighborhood. I felt like a Karen calling to complain but truly believe this driver was running a package stealing scam. Marks package as delivered, customer says they never received, driver says “well a package thief probably stole it before you looked for it”.

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