Brother Doesn’t Let Sister Eat Dinner After She Said This. Man Applauded.

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My sister broke up w/ her boyfriend on Christmas Day. He kicked her out of their apartment, so she’s been staying with me while she looks for a new place.

My GF is Chinese. Yesterday, she came over with her mom and the three of us spent the afternoon making jiaozi (Chinese dumplings: minced meat and vegetables stuffed into a thin dough wrapper, boiled, and served w/ a dipping sauce of soy sauce, Chinese vinegar, sesame oil, and chili oil). I asked my sister if she wanted to join in. She refused, saying that she was 1. busy and 2. even if she wasn’t busy, the process looked unhygienic. After we were done, I kept 1/3 while my GF and her mom took the remaining 2/3.

Later that evening I made myself a plate of jiaozi. My sister came into the kitchen and asked me where her plate was. I told her to order something on doordash because she has no right to eat something that she 1. didn’t help prepare and 2. talked sh*t about.

Well, my sister must’ve complained to our brother because he said that I should’ve been easier on her b/c she’s not in the best mental state after recently exiting a 4 year long relationship.

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