Brother Organized A Second Prom For His Sister.

A high school prom is not typically a re-do kinda thing. But students at Cochrane-Fountain City High School in Fountain City, Wisconsin, had a prom re-do… because of one very special student who missed the first one.

18-year-old student Olivia Pelley missed that first prom because, while having pictures taken with other classmates just before the prom, she became extremely ill and had to be taken to the hospital. She was even still in her prom dress when she arrived.

Several years earlier, she had had a kidney transplant from her father, and had experienced health problems since. And now she was sick again, missing the prom. It was very sad. She had already been voted the prom queen and was ready to be on her first date ever. And her illness put a quick end to that. But her 22-year-old brother, Michael, was not about to just let that go.

Says Michael: “I was determined to make it happen. I couldn’t let one of the greatest moments in my sister’s life turn into the most tragic.”

So Michael met with the school’s principal and vice principal and they agreed to have another prom… just for Olivia. And three weeks later, another prom was held at the school, and Olivia was the queen and went on her first date.

Adds brother Michael: “I’ve never met someone more deserving… She deserves this kind of love and attention because she’s been giving that out all her life.” 

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