Brother Refuses To Attend Sister’s Wedding Because His Girlfriend Didn’t Get Invited

Wedding planning can be both enjoyable and exhausting. Many couples must determine early on how many guests they will invite to their wedding. Most couples intend to invite close friends and family, as well as partners of relatives and friends — particularly partners who have been a part of the family for a long time. In this story his sister declined to invite his girlfriend of 11 years to her wedding, regardless of the fact that he has known her for the whole time. The man is no longer interested in attending. Read the story and let us know what you would have done.

Source: Reddit

My sister, 36, is getting married on September 3rd. She has known her fiancé for 3 years.

My girlfriend, 38, and I ,44, have been together for almost 11 years. We have been living together for 8 years and we’re expecting although it’s too early so we haven’t told anyone yet.

My sister made it clear that she wanted an intimate wedding (60 guests) and since my gf isn’t a wife she didn’t consider her family. My first reaction was that it’s fine since its her wedding so I didn’t RSPV. She called me to ask why I didn’t and tbh I was confused but it turned out she wanted me in the wedding but not my gf. I told her to forget about it and she was crying and raging since I’m her only brother and since dad isn’t in the picture I’m supposed to be the one giving her away. I said a firm no (even if my gf said she didn’t mind that)

Yesterday she texted me and my gf that it’s FINE we could both come. My gf looked so sad but she said it’s up to me. So I texted back that we’re not coming.

Now every family member calls me or text me to tell me I’m an AH for breaking my little sister’s heart. I texted my uncle who was invited to the wedding to walk my sister and he was glad to do it. Still everyone is livid. Am I Overreacting? 

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