Brother Tell Her To Consume Less Menstrual Products Or He Would Stop Buying.

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My(21M) sister(19F) moved with me ten months ago because she wanted more freedom from our parents. She’s in college and while our parents are paying for her studies, I have to pay for everything else. Since she moved with me I handle food, bills, and every other minor expense. She’s still looking for a job.

It was no problem at first, I agreed to her moving with me and I was aware of what would come with it. I think I never made her feel like an expense or a burden.

Lately though I’ve been struggling to fit everything in my paycheck, we had to cut on superficial things and I even asked my parents to give me some extra money for sis, otherwise I won’t be able to provide for both of us much longer and she’ll have to go back home.

Here’s the problem: she consumes way too much menstrual products, to the point where it’s just a waste and not a necessity.

She likes to be clean and I totally get that, but she uses up to three tampon boxes per month. She told me she has to change tampon every hour, which even I know is excessive.

I asked mum for help and she told me they’ve been fighting over it ever since sis got her period, because no matter how strong her flow is, she really does waste much more than necessary.

Since mum told me so, I decided to ask her to consume less menstrual products. She got angry, raised her voice and told me she absolutely can’t cut it, she needs every bit of what she uses and I’m just a man so I can’t understand.

I raised my voice too and told her that either stop wasting so much or I’ll stop buying her any menstrual products and she’ll have to buy her own. She got really upset, called me all kinds of things and locked herself in her room.

I let it go and decided to talk it through with her when she calmed down. In the meantime I went out with my friend and told them what happened. To my surprise, the girls said my sister is right and not me nor our mum can possibly know how much products she needs.

I thought about and maybe they’re right, am I being too harsh on her?┬áDid I go too far here?

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