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Bullies bite and scratch a 12-year-old girl with disabilities, and her mother records an appeal for change.

Bullying is a big issue among youngsters that must be addressed as soon as it occurs.

Kerri Arnold was compelled to speak out against her own child’s bullies after uploading video of her daughter following a difficult day at school. Arnold’s 12-year-old daughter, Aalyha, can be seen fighting back tears after a day of suffering.

Aalyha, is distinct from other youngsters. She has Angelman Syndrome, a rare disorder that can cause learning difficulties and speech problems.

Because Aalyha is completely nonverbal, she joins a special needs school in her hometown of Hamilton.

Bullies can be found there as well. According to her mother, Aalyha was the victim of bullying on Monday.

Kerri was summoned to the school and videotaped the aftermath of the event featuring her daughter in order to demonstrate the severity of the problem.

Aalyha is seen in the footage sitting in her car, fighting back tears and looking concerned.

At approximately 1:30, she was phoned by her school, and she has been a victim of bullying, Kerri says in the video. This young boy has scratched her eye, bit the side of her face, scratched her arm, and she has marks on her back, she continues.

Aalyha is a nonverbal person. She is constantly cheerful. It hurts her mom to watch her child in such distress.

Kerri said that the school said Aalyha was just involved in an incident.

She stated the instructor Aalyha got in the path of another student, she explained. However, let’s face it, Aalyha was attacked.

This isn’t the first time Aalyha has been the subject of cruelty. The school has apparently suspended her assailant, but she will need time to recuperate from the psychological damage.

One of the long-term instructors voiced her disapproval and apologized for the student’s behavior, and she informed the mom that she had asked that the kid be stood down, Kerri added.

The mom is relieved to see action and justice.

Kerri’s video has been seen almost one million times, with thousands of users offering their encouragement to her kid.

I’ll never comprehend how bullying of this level can be tolerated. We must take a stance against this sin and wipe it out before it spreads and does significant harm.

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Watch Kerri’s video below.

Girl with Angel Syndrome Got Bullied at School

Breaks my heart watching the clip. I hope things improve. Credit: Stand Up Step In World Wide – Kerri Arnold – FB: Stand Up Step In World Wide (

Posted by NTD Life on Sunday, 27 March 2022

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