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Bullies make fun of 6 sons’ long hair, then mom chops it off & tear-jerking truth is revealed.

Phoebe Kannisto is the mother of six boys, including five-year-old triplets, eight-year-old twins, and a ten-year-old. The family resides in Cheektowaga, New York, and all six sons had exceptionally long hair until recently.

Hair length and style are two examples of things that have no detrimental impact on others. It’s a personal decision that we should all respect. It doesn’t matter if you like someone’s haircut or not, as long as they are satisfied with it.

How would you feel if someone made fun of your physical appearance?

However, many individuals do not seem to comprehend this relatively basic principle and must remark on everything, even the hair of a few young boys. During the time they were growing out their hair, all six lads were bullied because of it. Bullying was not limited to children their age; unneeded and unjust judgments and cruel remarks were often directed at adults as well. Adults, on the other hand, should know better!

What the bullies didn’t comprehend was that these males were growing their hair out for a cause. They had just lost a family member to cancer, and several of the boys were of similar ages. They were moved by their friend’s loss and desired to do something to assist.

As a result, all six boys agreed to let their hair grow out and give it to the non-profit group Children with Hair Loss. It took months, however the boys were ultimately able to donate 17 feet of hair!

Watch the video below!

Take a moment to consider what you’re doing before making fun of or bullying an individual for something you don’t understand. It’s none of your business if it doesn’t harm anybody else!

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