Bully Uses TikTok to Reach Out to Classmate in an Attempt to Make Things Right.

Humans appear to have an infinite capacity for love when it comes to individuals they care about, but humans are also likely the only creature that can channel those emotions in the opposite direction. We can be utterly brutal to one another.

While there are severe extremes, we may see glimmers of our heinous conduct toward each other even in seemingly benign circumstances, such as how pupils treat one another at school. Bullying is a significant issue in schools, and although there’s something to be said about people learning to stand up for themselves, it’s always heartbreaking to witness someone use their popularity, clout, or physical “benefits” over someone else to make their life horrible.

And some young bullies grow up to be even greater bullies as adults, throwing their weight around and metaphorically (or literally) eating other people out of house and home.

However, there are some people who look back on their actions and not only feel remorse, but also strive to right their wrongs. For example, comedian Joe Erwin.


It was stuffed crust

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Joe claimed in a now-viral TikTok video that he used to harass a former classmate named Dylan in the first grade by snatching his food whenever they had lunch.

Although he considered the young man to be a friend, he realizes that the “joke” he used to play of diverting him during mealtime so he could steal the smaller child’s food and eat it for himself (Joe’s reasoning at the time was that he was bigger and thus required more sustenance) was incorrect.

He posted the TikTok video in answer to the popular topic, “What was a terrible thing you did as a youngster that you feel particularly guilty about as an adult?” Joe also used it to try to make apologies with Dylan, hoping that his first-grade classmate (whom he hasn’t seen since) would view the video.

“I’d definitely house that pizza right in front of him, and he’d miss out on lunch. I’m sorry, Dylan, if you’re out there. And I’d want to take you to the most costly pizza joint you can think of, “Joe stated on TikTok.

Joe didn’t stop there; he searched through an old yearbook for Dylan’s last name and found him on Facebook. Dylan, by chance, knew who Joe was because he’d seen his TikTok videos, but he hadn’t put two and two together; he had no notion the guy he was seeing in those clips was the person who had bullied him as a youngster.

Dylan penned the comic, “This is incredible! Haha. Of course, I remember you, and I’ve seen your TikToks of your dream O-line. I recall something like this occurring, but I had no idea it was you. Pizza is on me the next time I’m in Tulsa, man!”

Joe will undoubtedly broadcast the climax of the repentance pizza on TikTok, and the two former students are now figuring out a time for the two of them to hang out.

Have you been thinking about folks you may not have treated so well previously (or vice versa) and considering whether there’s a method for letting bygones be bygones? At the very least, it’s an excuse to have some pizza, which is always a good thing.

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