Bus Driver Made All The Passengers Get Off The Bus For This Disabled Man.

Every now and then we all have to use public transportation. But this can be particularly tricky for those who are disabled. There may be problems, like cars blocking the bus stop, or maybe the driver isn’t really sure how to operate the wheelchair lift. And, sadly, sometimes people don’t even want to move for that disabled person to board.

In Paris, Francois tried to catch a bus in the 17th district. When he pushed his wheelchair to board it, no one made room for him to get on. He waited, but, still, no one budged. So Francois started backing out to wait for another bus. But the bus driver could see exactly what was going on. So he yelled, “Terminus!” which means, everybody off.

Once all passengers were off the bus, he walked up to Francois and helped him board. Then he turned to the other passengers and told all of them they can wait for the next bus. Well those passengers were not all that happy about that, but Francois was. And the bus driver was soon commended for his actions by those who run the transit system. Sounds like the bus driver handled it perfectly. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/lfMapsKcHv4?t=130

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