Bus Driver Rescues Barefoot Toddler Wandering In The Freezing Cold.

In Milwaukee, city bus driver Irena Ivic was just cruising along her regular route on a freeway overpass one freezing cold day… just a few days before last Christmas… when she spotted something very unusual.

Actually, it horrified her. There was a barefoot toddler in a onesie running up to an intersection, and there was no supervising adult in sight.

In that instant, Irena slammed on the brakes and ran out after the child, scooping it up in her arms before that deadly intersection was reached. She then returned to the bus, with all of her passengers in a daze over her heroics.

One of the passengers took off her winter coat and wrapped the little girl in it, as Irena took her seat behind the wheel of the bus… and cradled the little girl she had just saved.

Irena was shaking… the adrenaline of the last minute or so was hitting her hard. But she quickly settled down and calmed herself by stroking the little girl’s hair while speaking softly to her.

Within a very short time, police and firefighters were on the scene, and took the now-sleeping little girl from Irena’s arms. Authorities soon discovered that the girl’s mother had left her alone outside to play…. in the freezing Milwaukee weather… in a onesie. The little girl was then handed over to her father.

Says Irena: “I absolutely love kids. I used to be a teacher and I have children of my own, so I’m so happy I was able to help this sweet, innocent baby.”

A few weeks after the incident, Irena was recognized by the city’s transit system during a commendation ceremony.

Well done, Irena. VERY well done. 

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