Cafeteria Lunch Lady Noticed Boy With Dwarfism Struggling At Lunch And Knew Just What To Do.

This is an amazing story of love, compassion and creativity showing that there is still goodness in the world.

Julian has dwarfism. He likes SuperMario and Taekwondo and goes to school that isn’t built for his size. Though he has to face many difficulties in life, that does not stop him from enjoying his life.

Enedelia Mottram who worked for 18 years as a cafeteria lunch lady observed Julian struggling with lunch. His mom had visited the school to make sure everything was ok for him however she forgot to visit the lunchroom.

Julian found it hard to reach the food or carry it or sit on the benches and eat. She spoke to her husband James, a metal fabricator, to create a special mobile cart not only to get his lunch easily but also to make it easy for him to go around the school.

James then constructed a cart with flames, a personalized license plate and a built-in stool so that Julian could use it whenever he needed it.

When Julian’s mother Heather came to know about the thoughtful gesture by the couple she was touched and cried. She wants the world to realize how one person can change the entire world.

She explained “there’s just wonderful people in the world that, you know, they have their eyes open. They’re seeing needs that need to be met and they’re meeting them. So I hope that other kids can get their needs met through this.”

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