Call for Mother’s Day to be renamed because trans men give birth.

A progressive activist has proposed renaming Mother’s Day to reflect how transgender males are now classed as giving birth.

Norrie May-Welby, who was born a boy and had gender reassignment surgery at the age of 28, believes the title “mother” is not limited to women.

The campaigner explained, ‘it’s not gender-specific. I believe that mothering is instinctive in all mammals, regardless of biological sex.’

Norrie, 60, won a High Court fight in New South Wales in 2014 to be classified as neither male nor female.

Australia’s top court, in a majority judgment, enabled the state’s Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages to register a person’s sex as ‘non-specific.’
Norrie, who was born in Scotland, is now pushing for a discussion about the phrase Mother’s Day in front of the precious day on Sunday.

Norrie explained that the word ‘mother’ is a verb. It is possible to be a mother without being a biological birther. And Mothering Sunday, before Hallmark commandeered it, was when one got back to the church where one was baptized.While not outraged by the phrase “Mother’s Day,” Norrie proposed renaming it “Nurturer’s Day.” Norrie expressed, obviously, language changes with time and location, and it may become Nurturer’s Day, but that’s an extra syllable, at present, Norrie is  OK with ‘Mother’s Day.

Norrie also took a go at Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who converted to Pentecostalism as a child. With the rise of Pentecostalism in politics, it may become Legally Compelled Incubators Day, however Norrie is hoping that this illegal exploitation of women’s bodies does not become established.Services Australia, which manages Medicare, previously disclosed that 22 transgender males gave birth in 2018-19. This put them among the 228 women who became pregnant throughout that decade.

There were no recorded transsexual men conceiving an offspring in the 16 years to June 2009, with only one case named ‘obscure’ in that time, in the figures showed.

According to the numbers, there were no reported transgender guys giving birth in the 16 years leading up to June 2009, with only one case classed as ‘unknown’ throughout that period.

Transgender man gives birth

Meet the transgender man who's given birth to a healthy baby

Posted by Sky News on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Services Australia is now more hesitant to provide that information, referring to the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Friday, which does not collect particular statistics on the gender of persons giving birth.

Brendan Murphy, the secretary of the federal Department of Health, was unable to answer a query concerning the definition of a woman from Liberal senator Alex Antic last month.

Dr Murphy said, ‘no, well, there’s a variety. It’s a hotly disputed arena right now. There are biological definitions, of course, but there are other meanings in terms of how individuals recognize themselves, and we’re willing to supply our working definition on notice.

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