Canadian Goalie Gives CPR To Fan In Stands.

Let’s face it. Some… make that… MANY… pro and semi-pro athletes are usually all about themselves….how much money they can get, how much fame they can acquire.

It’s not too often at all that you see a pro or semi-pro player really going out of his way to help someone else. And when have you EVER seen one of them save someone’s life?

Patrick O’Brien is a goaltender for the Gander Flyers hockey team in NewFoundland. One day, just before gametime, 26-year-old Patrick was in the team’s dressing room and in his full uniform when he heard that a fan in the stands had collapsed from cardiac arrest. He immediately bolted out of the dressing room and into the stands, and quickly started giving the man CPR. He was then helped by a few others in the stands.

Says Patrick: “I just hopped in and started chest compressions. Anyone would have done what I did.”

Well, one would only hope, Patrick… one would only hope. 

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