Car Races Away After Dropping 3-Year-Old Boy And His Dog At Cemetery So Strangers Step In.

Whether biological family or otherwise, family is everything. They are the ones who adore you and whom you adore.

A woman days before Christmas was visiting Hope Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Ohio when she saw a blue mid-sized vehicle abandoning a 3 year old boy and his pup in the cemetery.

The boy and his pup ran after the vehicle as it sped away. The woman was shattered by what she saw. Without wasting time she held up the boy who had no footwear and his pet friend and took them into her vehicle so they could be warm. Thereafter she quickly called the police.

He was taken into custody and learned his name was Tony. To help find the parents of Tony and his dog they took help of social media. But they found tremendous support from the community.

On listening to the little boy’s heartbreaking story many strangers got emotional. At the police department, little Tony Christmas gifts started showing up. All wanted to just brighten up the boy’s Christmas after what he went through. Besides this, there were many who were ready to adopt him.

The kindness, love shown by the community touched the heart of Hinckley Police Chief David Centner, he said that his faith has been renewed and values the amazing community they live in and they are simply the best.

On seeing Tony’s photo on social media his father reached out to the police. The boy and his dog were supposedly in the mother’s custody when the incident took place.

In a loving foster home Tony is safe and sound till the investigation proceeds. This adorable boy definitely has God and his angels watching over. May his loving smile never fade away.

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