Caring Bagger Runs To Help The Old Woman.

Teenager Aaron Sanders was working as a bagger at the Ingles Market grocery store in Canton, North Carolina, when a big hail storm slammed into the area… a REALLY BIG hailstorm.

It was so fierce that it stopped one of the market’s customers from going out into it and getting her groceries to her car. Aaron could see her dilemma, so he walked over to her and told her that he would walk her out, holding an umbrella over her, to make sure she safely got to her car. The woman, at first, was apprehensive. Then she decided she really DID need to get her groceries home, so she accepted the young man’s offer.

As the two walked out to the parking lot, which was getting hammered by the hail, the elderly woman held on tight to Aaron around his waist. And Aaron, getting pelted by the hail, made sure the customer stayed as dry as possible.

After he got the woman safely to her car and returned to the store, he was soaked. The store’s manager, Pat Bowmen, said: “I wouldn’t expect anything different from Aaron. He’s a great kid.”

But Aaron gives all the credit to his mom, saying: “She’s always been there and taken care of me. She always made sure that I was fed even if she didn’t eat that night. So my respect goes to her.” 

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