Caring Doctor And Paramedic Save Each Other’s Lives 30 Years Apart.

30 years ago, Dr. Michael Shannon saved the life of a premature baby. Probably did that for a lot of babies, but this Particular baby was unique, as the doctor worked around the clock to help him beat his low odd of surviving. And he did. And this particular baby grew up to be a paramedic named Chris Trokey.

One day in California, Dr. Shannon was involved in a bad car accident, and was pinned inside his car with serious injuries. Chris was one of the paramedics to arrive at the scene and did not know who he was dealing with, but he made sure to get him out of that car with all the care he could possibly give him.

When Chris checked on him a little later in the hospital, he Then realized who he was, and it hit him that he had just saved the man who had worked so feverishly to save HIM 30 years earlier. 

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