Casey Anthony ‘Is Getting Ready to Tell Her Truth’ in Upcoming TV Documentary, Says Friend

Casey Anthony, now 36, is preparing to conjoin on a documentary of her life, according to a source close to her. As per the source, Casey paused nearly 14 years to actually talk intensely about her experience and she’s now getting prepared to tell her fact as she feels this is the right time to speak up.

Casey was detained in 2008 for the vanishing of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. For almost 6-months, numerous helpers conducted a countrywide hunt for the child, following up on hundreds of clues. But in December that year, Caylee’s remnants were discovered in a forested area neighbouring to her family home.

Casey was accused with killing of her daughter. Her 2011 hearing was a media extravaganza, with at least 40 million persons viewing at least some of the testimony.

Casey was notoriously found not guilty of murder and homicide charges on July 5, 2011 but sentenced of four counts of being dishonest to the cops. Since then, Casey has only spoken out once about the case via an interview. In the course of the interview, which was off the camera, she accepted that the public hate her but she did mentioned that this does not bother her much.

She said that she does not care what other thinks about her. She said that she understands it well what people feel about her based on what has been brought by the media. Casey continued saying that she didn’t do what she was alleged of but said that she battled for three years, not just for her but for her daughter too!

Casey revealed during the 2017 interview that she has tried to retain a social life. She also said she has had brief romances since the hearing; however she says she keeps a secluded and protected life now. Generally, Casey lives a low profile life in South Florida and circumvents the attention.

Casey made headings previous year when she got into a bar battle with a lady who was contending for the same man as her. The lady supposedly dispensed a drink on her after a vocal argument.

As per the source close to Casey, folks are continuously speaking badly about her. Every single month, a story about what she’s doing is printed and the media just say whatsoever they feel like. But now Casey feels like it’s time to speak up the truth and say what she wants to say and it is the time her opinion to be heard.

It’s uncertain if Casey has by now given the interview, which will air on a foremost streaming service. However, the release period has not been set as yet.

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