Cashier Asked A 90 Yr Old Man For Age Proof To Buy Alcohol.

Source: Reddit

I was a cashier at a local supermarket, and we have a law that if alcohol is being bought and the cashier estimates someone to be under 25, they have to ask for ID. While it offends some people, it is a pretty good way to get to check an ID and see if someone is over 18, the legal age to buy alcohol. No ID is also no alcohol.

I decided to have sone fun with it, and whenever I estimated someone to be over 70, I would also ask them for an ID. Usually this got a laugh, sometimes it got people offended (once a lady even called for a manager, who had to come to clarify to her that it was a joke. You know the type).

However, one man ruled the joke. He was just buying a few beers, and I asked him for his ID because he looked way into his 90s. He laughed, grabbed his wallet, and handed me a card in a plastic casing.

Still with a huge smile on his face, he asked me,

“Do you know what that is?”

It looked sort of like an ID, but I had never seen anything like that one. What I could tell was that it was old and something from the military.

He said, “What you are holding now is my military ID from the second world war. Is that a valid ID here? Because I no longer have my drivers licence.”

It was at that point that I was at a loss for words. This man took my joke, handed it back and won.

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