Cashier Calls 911 Immediately Hearing A Low Moan Behind Her.

Source: Reddit

I worked night self-check for five years, and this story is still fresh in my mind.

It was late. Like, almost time to count out late. Guy comes in. I turn around, because he’s a regular, and am sorting go-backs. I hear a low moan, and a thudding noise, and turn around in shock. My regular is having a massive seizure and bashing his head on the self-check machine.

I didn’t have time to dither. I wasn’t sure I could get him on the ground safely- he was much taller than me. So I grabbed a bank chair and shoulder checked him into it before getting on the intercom. I had to have a manager’s approval to call 911. This was the *only* time I swore at work in five years.

“[Night crew manager], get your f**king a** to Self Check NOW!” My night guys knew I don’t swear at work, much less on the intercom. Three guys came running, probably assuming we’d been robbed. They see the guy and don’t know what to do. Thankfully, I write, and had been researching seizures for a project.

“Get him on the ground and stabilize his head. I’m calling 911 now.” I dialed the number. The wait was agonizing. They arrived, loaded him up, and took him away.

A week or two later, guy came in. It turns out it was a diabetic seizure and if I hadn’t acted as quickly as I did, he would have been more hurt or, worse, died. He bought me flowers and chocolate once a week till I left.

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