Cashier Makes Her Pay More Than The Actual Bill When She Did This. Perfect.

Source: Reddit

We have this one regular who likes to pick on new team members, she goes thru the newest cashier if she can, and always raises a stink until the manager (me) comes by to demolish her. She always leaves grumpy, so why does she keep shopping here? Who friggin knows

So she goes through J’s till today.

He has been here for 2 weeks and is 1 week fresh on the register. He’s doing great and so far has made every effort to understand the register, and he’s been pretty independent!! He scans through her items, asks about the club card, offers a bag, and announces her total.

She then scoffs and says how can it be that much? J then jovially tells her that items can add up when you’re in the zone, and repeats her total. She insists he scanned something twice, and not quite having faced a customer like this before, he calls me over for backup. After listening to her claim, I dutifully check each item’s tag with the register’s item list to satisfy her paranoid claim, all the while explaining to J how to handle a double-scanned item.

Wow, what a surprise! Ma’am, nothing was scanned twice, however it looks like J missed an item while scanning! Your new total is up by $15. Cash or card?

This woman stared at J and I for at least 5 full silent seconds before she started apologizing and saying her English was bad and she didn’t understand what we were saying. I explained what happened a couple different ways, ensuring there was no conflict of communication, and each time repeated her heightened total.

Eventually she gave up, and paid the higher amount. She sulked out of the store, claiming we always do this crap with her. Sorry lady, idiot tax is real!

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