Cashier Told Her To Leave The Store Immediately Seeing This.

As we all know, many handicapped people have jobs. And that’s the way it should be. Just because they have a handicap does NOT mean they are unproductive. They want to earn a living just like everyone else.

Such was the case at a grocery store in Somewhere, USA. A bagger there has a mental disability. He holds up a bag with a hole in it and the customer asks him to please use another bag. She was very courteous. She had been there many times before and had often watched the young man work.

However, the customer behind her was already getting moody and impatient, saying “God, hurry up!” To which the actual customer said, “I just finished paying. He’s fine.” The impatient woman goes on: “Oh, so you’re slow like him too? God, all you special people need to stop interfering with normal people.”

Well, at this point, the young bagger looks somewhat offended, saying “Ma’am, she’s not smart. She goes to a university.” And he points to the logo on the sweatpants the customer is wearing. “She’s REAL smart,” he says. And that “Real smart” customer says, “And he’s the best bagger here. He’s very careful… which is a good thing with groceries.”

After he’s finished bagging, the young man hands the woman her groceries and even helps her to shoulder them. The impatient woman behind her has now revved up to just plain nasty.

She says, “God, he won’t even help you take them to your car?? What a delinquent! I want to see a manager about this!” The woman responds, “I walk, lady.”

And, of course, the bagger knew this was how that customer preferred things. Then the bagger told his regular customer to have a nice day. It was at this point the nasty woman called him a retard. Yes, she really did. The cashier for that line had been completely quiet about things through all that had been said. But now, she was certainly ready to speak up, but calmly.

She says to the woman: Refusal of service for massive discrimination toward a valued employee, as well as a regular customer. You may leave your items here; we’ll shelve them later. Please leave now.”

Well, that nasty woman didn’t take too kindly to being confronted about her obviously hateful comments. So she causes a big scene… yelling and flailing her arms. And she broke a nearby shelf. She had to be physically restrained by employees. And while that was going on and the police were called, the bagger took the regular customer and another nearby customer to an area where they would be out of harm’s way. As they are all watching the big commotion, the young bagger leans over to the regular customer and asks, “Still coming next week?” She responds by saying… “Yep.”

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