Cashier’s Perfect Response When The Rude Woman Tried To Jump In Line Ahead Of A Disabled Veteran.

As always, this happened at the local big box store. This happened about a year ago.

My dad is legally blind and any kind of bright lights hurts his eyes so going to stores was basically torture. He wears sunglasses even inside. He also has neuropathy in his feet making it painful if he had to stand for too long. We were only getting a few things but since it was Friday and before a holiday the store lanes (all two of them that were open) and the self checkout were all full. However, there was a cashier in the makeup department (for some reason there’s a register there) and only one other person was checking out. She had only a few things so my dad knew that he could wait. We were told during a previous visit that we could use this line.

In comes Blonde Line Jumper or BLJ.

BLJ – Can I go in front of you?

D – No.

BLJ – I only have a few things.

D – I don’t care. I’m disabled and need to sit down soon.

BLJ – You don’t look disabled.

Me – He’s blind.

D – The light hurts my eyes.

Me – Leave us alone. We only have a few things. You can wait just like everyone else.

At this point the person the older woman in front of us is done and she probably heard our conversation because she glares at BLJ but doesn’t say anything. This is where the line jumping comes in. Like I said, Dad has neuropathy and doesn’t move too fast. Because of this BLJ took the chance to cut in front of us. The cashier (C) wasn’t having it.

C – BLJ, they were here first. You can now go to the end of the line.

Three other people had lined up behind us.

BLJ – They said I could go first. I only have two things.

C – No they didn’t. Now go to the back.

BLJ moved so that she was behind us.

C – I said the back.

BLJ left and went toward Customer Service. I don’t know if anything came out of that because we left soon after that. Dad was struggling to stand at this point and it was obvious that that he was in pain. I thanked the cashier and paid for our four items.

Source: Reddit

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