Cat Adopts A Baby Rabbit. There’s Something Awe Inspiring Watching This Sort Of Thing Happen.

In Rotherham, UK, Bubbles, a very young rabbit, lost his mother. Now, Snaggle Puss, a cat with several of her own young, has chosen to adopt Bubbles into her own litter of kittens.

Who do animals adopt from outsider their species? Scientists now believe that many nonhuman species share our need for socialization. Like us, they seek out relationships with others, so that they can love and feel loved by others.

It’s a remarkable theory, but one that holds up when presented with the evidence that we see with every video like this that comes out. It would be strange to see Bubbles adopt catlike behaviors in the interim, but either way, he has found a family willing to accept him for what he is, no matter what.

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