Cat Came To The Rescue Of An Abandoned Baby.

10 stories of some amazing and heroic cats.

1. A baby boy, left abandoned inside a box in a Russian apartment building, was kept warm by a mother cat who responded to his cries. The cat stayed with the baby until a woman outside the apartment heard the cat crying and went to investigate.

She could hardly believe what she seen. An ambulance was called and took the child to the hospital. From all indications, he’s doing fine… thanks to a cat that kept him warm and safe.

2. Workers at the LaGrange Animal Shelter found two orphaned puppies and their deceased mother on the side of the road. They thought they would try something unique to help the little puppies out.

So they put them with two cats that were nursing litters of their own. Each mother cat took one of the puppies and treated him like it was her own. And the rest of the litter treated the new baby just like a part of the family.

3. While hiking in the Switzerland Alps, a Hungarian man sprained his ankle and got lost. His intended route was blocked but a cat wondering in the area came up to him and guided him back to safety.

As she did, she kept looking back at the hobbling hiker to make sure he was still with her.

4. A boxful of kittens was left on the doorstep of a vet clinic in New Zealand. So workers took them in. The next day, a cat was on the outside of the clinic desperately trying to break in… and animals usually have a sense inside them to stay away from clinics such as this.

But workers let her in and she immediately made her way to the abandoned kittens. It was obvious she was their mom and she wasn’t about to let them out of her sight again.

5. Lucifer the cat lives in an animal clinic in Perm, Russia. When workers there found him, his legs were crippled and he couldn’t walk.

After the care doctors at the clinic gave Lucifer, he recognized it, and then started sharing the care for others there by cuddling up with other patients there — even dogs — and keeping them warm.

He does this much more than spending time with himself and playing on his own. Lucifer has been a donor for other cats there and has even saved some lives.

He also is something of a celebrity by being involved in photos for the clinic’s marketing side. He’s not a ham… just a cat… and a good one at that.

6. The loyalty between a pet and its owner can be an incredible bond. Nancy Cowan was being placed in a nursing home in Westcott, England, and had to say goodbye to her longtime cat and friend, Cleo, which she had adopted 8 years earlier.

Two weeks after Nancy moved into the facility, a cat began wondering around the nursing home, and would often sleep near the building. When Nancy was told about the cat, she told workers she used to have a cat that looked like that, but her cat Cleo was missing most of its tail. Sure enough, that wandering cat… was Cleo.

Nancy and the workers were amazed because Nancy’s former home is quite a distance away from her new one. Cleo now stays with Nancy at the facility.

7. 72-year-old Aidan Witshire was something of a nervous fellow and asked if he could bring his cat with him to a court hearing. And this was allowed.

Witshire was accused of stalking two women, and as the case was discussed against him, his cat kept poking its head out of a shopping cart to be stroked by his owner.

There was no plea entered and the case was adjourned until later. But the cat kept his owner calm until the proceedings were over.

8. A day-old puppy was found covered in flies in a garage by officers with the Cleveland Animal Protective League. They could not find its mother, however. So they took the puppy and placed it next to a cat named Lurlene, which had just delivered a litter.

She took the puppy in just fine, and the other kittens had no problem with it. Lurlene nursed the puppy, named Noland, back to health, and $25,000 was awarded to the clinic for sharing this story.

Noland’s mom was found the day after workers took in Noland, but she was too emaciated to care for her pup. Noland’s owner was charged with and convicted of neglect.

9. Fraser is autistic, and at 4 years old, he would cry and throw temper tantrums all the time. But a stray cat named Billy came along, and life has changed quite a bit for Fraser and his family.

Since their first meeting, the boy and the cat have been inseparable. And when Fraser starts getting frustrated, Billy is there to offer a comforting paw, cuddles and purrs to completely calm down his friend.

Their relationship, says Fraser’s mom, is something really special.

10. As we all know grown cats and dogs usually don’t get along. But occasionally, an amazing story like this will happen. There is this kind of mean and nasty cat named…Pudditat….

Pudditat was a bit abrasive to other cats. So you can almost imagine how Puddy feels about dogs… well, except for Tervel, a chocolate lab. Tervel was abused when he was younger and went blind and partially deaf because of it. He started bumping into things every time he walked around, so he decided to stay most of the time curled up in his basket.

For some reason, Pudditat took a liking to Tervel and would have Tervel follow his tail closely so Puddy could lead him around…just like a seeing-eye guide dog.

Since then, Tervel has gone on many walks outside and looks like he’s enjoying life once again. And who would have ever thought that nasty wittle Pudditat could find room in his heart for one who is supposed to be his biggest enemy…. 

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