Cat Found In Basement With 5 Lbs Of Matted Fur. The Look On His Face When It Comes Off Goes Viral.

When people grow older, sometimes it’s very hard for them to care for their animals. That was the case in Chicago when an elderly man who had a pet cat started neglecting it.


He actually loved his cat, but he simply could not care for it. Over time, the cat, who lived in the man’s basement as his health declined, started getting matted fur. And by the time a utility worker spotted the cat, it’s fur had grown out and was matted so badly that it was obviously a struggle for the animal.

So he contacted the Animal Cruelty Society in Chicago, and a team came out to retrieve the cat. The cat’s name was Sinbad, and workers spent hours carefully cutting and shaving off the matted fur piece by piece.


When they were done, a hairless Sinbad weighed almost 7 pounds. The fur he had been carrying on his body for a long time weighed 5 pounds. Afterwards, Sinbad just wanted someone’s lap to lie on, and workers had to force-feed him until his digestive system was in good working order again.

Facebook/Adventures of Sinbad

Within a week, he was healthy and playing like a kitten. One of the workers, Elliott Serrano, adopted Sinbad and took him home.

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