Cat Was Going To Be Put Down Until A Special Angel Stepped In.

Cricket the cat was born with a missing eye, a crooked jaw and a cleft lip. The breeder thought that would hurt her reputation if she tried to sell off such an “imperfect” creature, so that kitten was gonna be put down pretty quick.

The breeder let one of her friends know about her plans, but that friend was determined to save that little kitten. That friend was Megan Boehm, and the breeder let Megan take the kitten home with her.

Megan’s heart hurt for the kitty she named Cricket, but she knew her new friend was gonna need a lot of help. Because he had been left alone much of the time, he was very malnourished. So Megan fed him, watched him, and gave him a lot of tender loving care.

And after a while, Cricket started showing signs of improvement. And the veterinarian she took him to said he was gonna be just fine; that what Cricket really needed now was a lot of love from Megan. Well, that wasn’t going to be any problem. Megan loved little Cricket to pieces. And now she treats him just like any other animal she would love. And his differences don’t matter to her at all. In her eyes, Cricket is just an adorable little cat, who loves her as much as she loves him.

And when you think about it, it’s our differences that make us ALL pretty special. 

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