Cheating Ex Finds Out His Baby’s Name From The Local Newspapers.

My now ex husband worked a 24 hour shifts and that night he didn’t come home after his shift had ended. I was very worried, I went to see his workplace, where they said he went home after the end of his shift. His friends knew nothing about him. He didn’t answer the phone. I was nine months pregnant at the time, so you can imagine how upset I was. I didn’t sleep at all that night. In the morning he finally showed up with a hangover and said he didn’t want to be a father anymore. I was shocked. What do you mean, he doesn’t want to be a father anymore? We already had a 3 year old daughter by that moment who was a genuine daddy’s little girl. He said he needed time to figure things out for himself, that he doesn’t love me anymore. I literally collapsed.

I called my mother crying, packed two suitcases, one for myself and the other for my daughter, and the ex took me to my mothers place. I had time to pull myself together by then and as he wished, we agreed to take a half-year break. That he still be there for me and the kids. Wrong! A week later, he asked me for a divorce. I didn’t give it to him. I told him, our children are not guilty of anything and the smaller one has the right to be born from a legal marriage. Two weeks after the breakup, I found out he was cheating on me with another woman who also had a husband and a little son. Two family’s got broken up at the same time.

Three weeks after the breakup, I gave birth to our second daughter. And she looked just like him! My eyes, but everything else was like him. I cried, coz i knew, she will never be able to grow up with her dad. I called him and told, that the baby was born and i need him to come with me so we can name our baby and get a birth certificate for her. He said no, he is busy, being out with his friends partying for a week.

I hated him at that point! So i called the local government and asked if I was legally married and wanted to name the child, would my husband have to be there with me? I was told no, just take the marriage certificate with you and that’s enough. Of course, you can’t do that nowadays, but then you could. Anyone who want to comment, that the baby wasn’t his-both our girls are his, i never cheated on him, cheating goes agains everything i believe in.

The day after I got out of the hospital, I went to name my daughter, but I didn’t mention it him. Three weeks later he called me and shouted why did he have to read about our child’s name in a local newspaper? In our country, the names and dates of birth of new baby’s, in smaller towns are put in a local newspaper. I answered him calmly, you didn’t have time to come with me, your friends were more important, so you didn’t deserve to know. Before the breakup, he insisted that we only give one first name, our first daughter has two. Since he didn’t come with me to name her, I put two first names. He should have come along. His mistake. She was six months old when he first saw her, coz he didn’t bother to visit her.

Before the divorce, I put alimony on him through court. We signed the divorce papers 6 months later and it was 4 days after our 4th wedding anniversary. But on our anniversary i called him and said “Happy Anniversary a**hole!”

And a year later, on the 1st of April i called him again and said that there was a mix up with the divorce papers, we are still married. He FREAKED OUT! He said he didn’t want to have a wife and kids and blah blah blah. I told him that, too bad, you HAVE two kids till the day you die, but you don’t have a wife! Aprils fool, you idiot! And hanged up the phone. It felt GREAT!

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