Chick-fil-A Opened His Door On Sunday For A Very Special Reason.

Chick-fil-A has long been known as a company that is always closed on Sundays. But a Chick-fil-A in Alabama suspended that rule in January to a boy turning 14 so he could celebrate his birthday.

Young Elijah Sprague is autistic and has cerebral palsy, but his biggest dream is to work at a fast-food restaurant drive-through. One of Elijah’s uncles is a manager at the Chick-fil-A in Mobile and spoke with the owner of the restaurant about bending the rules and having a birthday party there for his nephew, because it was one of his favorite places to visit.

He went into the talk with the owner not sure of how it was going to go. But when the owner learn that it was Elijah, he ABSOLUTELY wanted to open up the restaurant for the youngster.

So the restaurant opened up on a Sunday to celebrate Elijah’s birthday. Workers there gave him cookies to pass out to about 40 friends. And they even let him sit in the drive-through window and speak with drivers coming through.

Says Elijah’s mom Rene: “This is super special to us. Elijah’s not going to graduate like our other kids. He’s not going to get married or have kids. So this is just a really cool experience to us for him to have this level of attention… it’s neat for people to recognize he’s a really cool kid.”

And Elijah’s abilities, said his mom, far outweigh his disabilities, as with many like Elijah.

Adds Rene: “The community needs to realize this is a really special population of kids. They do have special needs, but they have so much to offer.” 

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