Child Gets Help From 911 Dispatcher To Solve His Math Homework.

Antonia Bundy is a police dispatcher in Lafayette, Indiana, and she’s handled many emergency calls. But one day she got a call that she certainly did not expect. It was a call from a little boy, and he told her that he was having a really bad day. So Antonia asked him what the problem was, and he said he was having trouble with his homework.

Fortunately, Antonia was not dealing with more pressing matters, and was able to give that little boy all of her attention. Also, very fortunately, the boy was having problems with math, something Antonia was very skilled at, and it was one of her favorite subjects in school.

When the boy read Antonia his problem: What is 3 x 4 plus 1 x 4, she walked him through the steps to solve it. The boy said that was the only problem he needed help with and he thanked her before hanging up the phone.

For Antonia, it was a very welcome change of pace, and she was really happy she could help him when he needed it. For the rest of us, let’s try to figure out that math problem. Your answers, please.

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