Childfree Couple Called Out For Refusing To ‘Child-Proof’ House So Friend Can Bring Her Kids Over

We all agree that a buddy may remain a buddy even after they have kids. But what happens when one person has a child and the other is childless? In this story a woman no longer had any kids in their house, even if a number of their acquaintances had, which was great with them. However, when one of their friends insisted on childproofing their house for their trips, the woman thought it was asking too much of someone else’s home. Read the story and let us know what are your thoughts on this.

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My husband and I are empty nesters. It is a grand experience. Our house is far from child proof.

We have a small bar set up in the game room, a pool, expensive artwork, pets(one being a dog we do bitesport with), firearms(that are secured, but still in the house), basically all the things we waited to be empty nesters to get.

The house also has stairs, I have a magnetic knife bar full of very sharp and expensive knives, it just not a safe place for young kids.

We host friends for things like game nights and watching movies and having some drinks, but I have one friend who constantly wants to bring her kids, ages 6,8 and 13.

Now, I am fine going to her place, or if she brings her kids to other nights at other houses, but I really don’t want to have to childproof the house, and I really don’t want to have to worry if I don’t, so I have always said anything we host is “adults only”.

This isn’t to single her out, our other friends also have young children, she is just the only one who keeps trying to insist on bringing them.

She says the 13 yo can watch them, but even then, I am uncomfortable.

I don’t dislike children, our house is just not safe for them and it stresses me out having them here, both for their safety and also the stress of things getting broken and how that can impact friendships.

Some of my friends are saying I am being unfair and are now declining our invites because of it. What are your opinions? AM I A JERK?

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