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‘Christmas Gift’: Widow Kathie Lee Gifford Gets Emotional After Finding Out She’ll Be Grandma Again.

The Christmas season always brings about a jubilant vibe. However, Kathie Lee Gifford and her family’s festivities are not centered on the holidays, but rather on their family.

Cassidy, Kathie’s daughter, published a photo on Instagram two days ago that proved the family had something extra to rejoice around the fire this Christmas. The Gifford family is growing once again.

Cassidy posted a photo of stockings strung by the fireplace. There was hers, her husband’s, and in between them was a little stocking, signaling they would receive a baby in June 2023. She stated that it provided them with a cause to glorify Jesus.

While Cassidy and her spouse are overjoyed, Kathie is “delighted” by the news as well. She posted the same Instagram photo as her daughter and stated the baby is a joy to the entire Gifford family.

She also turned to Twitter to discuss her kids establishing their own households. She expressed enormous pride in her kids growing up, falling in love, marrying, and then having their own babies.

Many fans and family members expressed their feelings to Kathie in the comments section of her article.

Kathie’s Emotional Response to First Grandchild’s Birth and Name Kathie went to Instagram on June 1 to celebrate the birth of her first grandchild. She posted a photo of the happy family in the hospital and announced the baby’s name, Frank Michael Gifford.

She then uploaded another photo of the infant and apologised for repeating the same photos, but she couldn’t stop herself since she adored her grandson so much. She also expressed excitement about this new chapter in her life.

When asked about the baby’s name, Kathie admitted she was moved to tears when she learned it was named after her late husband. She claimed she had never recovered from the loss of her husband and was happy that her son had remembered him.

Cody and Cassidy were Kathie and her husband’s kids. They were a lovely family until Kathie’s husband unexpectedly died in 2015. Even now, Kathie has spoken openly about her struggles with it.

Her children’s birth of their own kids has been a wonderful new period in Kathie’s life to look forward to and cherish while recalling and mourning for her beloved husband, whom she saw as a hero. She has frequently mentioned she thinks of her grandkids as miracles.

Now the family has something to cherish and a baby whose name is a homage to his grandfather. As the Gifford family grows, lets wish them nothing but prosperity, joy, and love.

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