Co-worker Takes Picture Of Her Colleague Dressing Up Her Daughter At The Office.

Source: Facebook

“My coworker took this picture without saying anything and texted me this picture. She thought it was a memory I would like to be able to treasure with my daughter.

I wasn’t supposed to work today, but took a 4 hour shift so another coworker would be able to see her granddaughter play piano at her recital. I wasn’t going to get off until 17:00 and my daughter had to be at her recital at 18:00. I could have had my mom, mother in law, or sister in law get her ready, but my daughter told me this morning this would be her last recital, because she doesn’t want to pursue dance anymore. She has decided after 6 years it’s not her passion, soccer is. She also wants to see how well she likes volleyball and basketball. I’m so grateful I work for the agency I do so that I could help her get ready for her last recital. I’ve done her hair and makeup for every one since she was 3 years old.

I shared this picture because I know so many can relate to juggling our work with our family life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

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