Community Celebrates When Professional Wrestler Deliberately Loses The Match Against Him.

Bradford High School junior Jacob Meister is completely devoted to his school’s wrestling team in Pennsylvania. He would probably LOVE to be a member of the team, but he just can’t. He suffers from cerebral palsy and autism. His commitment to the team, however, is very well known… by everyone.

But one day, after several weeks of “play” wrestling with some of the members of the team, one team member, Dillion Keane, approached Jacob and asked him if he would like to have a real match against HIM. So, with everyone’s approval, the match between Jacob and Dillon was set up after the school’s first wrestling meet. And the referee happily went along with “officiating” of the match.

Soon after the match started, both youngsters fell to the mat, and fairly quickly, Jacob was on top of Dillon, pinning him and winning the match. Everyone in the crowd yelled… they were thrilled. And so was young Jacob.

A video of the match quickly went viral. Dillon said he did it NOT for any notoriety, but to allow a teammate to achieve a dream.

Says Jacob’s mom, Mary Jo Corignani: “That match was so much more than just watching a child with disabilities. It was about a team, a team filled with heart. I will be forever grateful for the way they’ve embraced my son. Disability has never defined Jake. And, if anything, he’s proved different doesn’t mean less.”

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