Community’s Response When Sister Appeals To Help His Disabled Brother Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

Mark Orsillo, a 34-year-old California man who has Down Syndrome, is a big movie buff. Up until the middle of last year, he had spent YEARS collecting DVDs, and he had about 300 of his favorite movies that he could watch anytime. The collection was his prized possession.

But then, a wildfire started burning precariously through the area, and the family had only 20 minutes to gather what they could and scramble away from the area to safety.

Mark’s sister could only manage to grab about 20 of Mark’s movies. Their home, and the rest of the DVDs, were destroyed in the wildfire. And Mark was devastated.

His sister, Danielle, quickly turned to Facebook for some help. She posted about her brother and what had happened.

In just a matter of days, the family received more than 400 DVDs…. from all over the country…. from strangers.

The family unpacked all of them and stacked them up neatly against the wall of their temporary home. Then, they had Mark come into the room. He couldn’t believe it, and raised his arms shrieking… letting everyone know that he couldn’t be happier.

Mark sees movies for first time after losing them all to a house fire! His reaction is priceless when people from all over the country sent in movies for his new collection. This is seriously worth the watch!!!! It gets really funny around 1m:30s….. #MovieHeaven Jukin Media Verified (Original) For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

Posted by Mark on Life on Friday, 14 July 2017

The family will rebuild back on their property. And Mark, thanks to the extreme kindness of strangers, will be discovering some new favorite movies. 

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