Concerned Man Waited For Hours With A Board To Help The Lost Dog Find His Owner.

In early March, Jason Gasparik spotted a medium-sized labrador walking down the road, and he just knew that that dog had gotten lost or separated from its owner. So he caught and leashed the dog, and decided to look for the dog’s owner.

In doing so, he spent a lot of time on the streets with that dog, holding a hand-made sign that read: “Do you know this lost dog?”

He was hoping that the owner of the dog would drive by and see the lost pet.

Jason had been standing on the side of the street for more than 3 hours when a man slowed his car and stopped. And as soon as the dog saw him, it ran to him. The owner even had papers to prove that the dog, named Roxie, was his. But that wasn’t even necessary, because anyone could see that they belonged to each other.

Jason did a great thing, and a lot of people learned about it through social media. And a lot of women complimented Jason on his noble and heroic actions. And timing is everything, because Jason had just got out of a relationship. So good for Jason.

Just goes to show… it’s good… to be a good person. 

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