Cool Teacher Has Unique Handshakes For Each Of His Student.

7 things in school you probably never learned.

1. Barry White Jr., an English teacher at an elementary school in North Carolina, is one cool dude. He shakes hands with many students, but has very different routines in doing so for each student.

The routines range from those understated handshakes to elaborate dances, shuffles and salutes.

Now how cool is that?

2. The headteacher of an elementary school is cracking down on parents who send their kids to school with terrible packed lunches. Examples included a cold Happy Meal bought the previous evening and one that had only two packets of crisps.

Jon Carthy insisted parents pack better lunches for their kids, with fruits and vegetables and fresh meat or fish. Parents responded positively.

3. In Germany, it’s becoming very popular for children ages 3 to 6 to enjoy an outdoors kindergarten. This forest-type of kindergarten allows kids to play, explore and learn in a natural, outside environment.

Studies show that a child’s development is greatly enhanced through this.

4. In Australia, students as young as 13 are interviewing prospective teachers who have applied for jobs at their school. And although the education union there is looking down on this process, Peter Hutton, the principal of Templestowe College, say it’s a fantastic process and about 70 percent of the staff there are employed through this unusual hiring method.

5. In a school in India, all 300 students can write with both hands… every student there is ambidextrous because the head teacher has taught them to do so.

They can even write with each hand at the same time and in different languages.

6. The Awakening Seed School, founded in Phoenix, Arizona, is a place where respect for others is an integral part of the learning experience.

It does not discriminate on race, color, gender identity, sexual orientation or ethnic origin. And students are allowed a voice in their learning experiences.

7. Annually for the past 11 years, students at Londonderry High School have grown out their hair for a purpose… to have it cut off to provide wigs for cancer patients.

Students have donated so much hair in that time that they’ve made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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