Cop Adopts The Homeless Woman’s Daughter.

In Santa Rosa, California, Officer Jesse Whitten got an emergency call to deal with a homeless person. That person was a woman living on the streets and she was pregnant and battling drug addiction. Jesse did what he could for that particular situation, and he would occasionally run into that women during his patrol.

His wife, Ashley, was with him once when they came upon the pregnant woman, and the two women seemed to have a really good conversation. They talked about life… and motherhood. Then, during a Valentine’s Day party, the Whittens received a call that would change their lives. It was that pregnant woman. She had just had a baby girl, and she knew she couldn’t properly care for her. So she asked the couple… Jesse and Ashley… to please adopt her little girl.

The couple already had three young girls at home. But they hardly hesitated at all when the opportunity came. And now, little Harlow Masie Whitten fits in just fine with her three older sisters. And her very proud mom and dad. 

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