Cop Arrived For Immediate Help When Mother Called For An Ambulance.

Source: Facebook

When our son Tate broke his arm nearly three weeks ago, I called for an ambulance. The first officer arrived in just a few minutes and did an excellent job helping calm Tate down until the ambulance arrived. He told Tate he would visit on the first day of school to see how he was doing and to sign his cast.

Officer Miller did stop by on the first day of school, but Tate did not have a cast that people could sign yet. The doorbell rang this morning and it was Officer Miller stopping by again to check on Tate and to sign his new cast.

Thank you Officer Miller for your professionalism, kindness and service to the city of Ankeny. And, thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to make an 11 year old boy’s day!

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