Cop Deals Perfectly With This Unruly Diminished Capacity Adult Patient.

“Innovative Policing Solutions…


Deputy Nicholls found himself repeatedly dispatched to a local care facility for an out of control, unruly diminished capacity adult patient. Whatever distraction & reasoning technique Deputy Nicholl’s employed it would only temporarily placate the patient and a few days later he’d be called back out to the home. To make matters worse, the patient’s behavior was becoming more destructive and would likely result in his removal to a more secured facility.


Find areas of mutual interest – in this care, Coffee & Doughnuts. Deputy Nicholls marked on a calendar for the patient the date he promised to return with coffee & doughnuts, but only if the patient behaved. When the patient started to become agitated, staff would point to the calendar date marked with the next visit from Deputy Nicholls with coffee & doughnuts and he’d calm down. So far Deputy Nicholls has made two C&D visits to reward the patient’s good behavior and mark the calendar for his next visit. Deputy Nicholls says, “keep your finger’s crossed.”

Lead on, Deputy Nicholls…”

Facebook/Clark County Sheriff’s Office
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