Cop Finds Mom Stealing Food Then Immediately Buys Groceries For The Family.

In Hillsborough, North Carolina, police officers Keith Bradshaw and Candace Spragins were dispatched to a supermarket, where officials reported a woman stole food from them. Officers tracked the woman… Teresa West… to her home. She apologized to the officers for her unlawful deed, but told them her children had not eaten in three days, and she had no money. She had even asked local churches to help the family, but they couldn’t.

When officers checked the refrigerator in the home, it was completely empty. The woman gave back all the food she had stolen, which was worth about $35. And that’s when the officers both decided to help.

They took her back to the store and bought her $140 in food. Then they posted the incident on Facebook, saying: “This was not a crime out of greed but one seen as necessary by a mother trying to feed a child,” “Sometimes police work is not cut and dry. We are people first and cops second.”

***Based upon the overwhelming response, we are asking anyone who would like to donate food or funds to contact their…

Posted by Hillsborough Police Department on Sunday, 5 November 2017

Police urged those who read the post and were touched by it to pay it forward. And there’s a good possibility the readers did, as the post went viral. 

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