Cop Knocks On Every Door To Locate Parents Of A 2Yr Old Boy Wandering On State Highway.

Two parents from southern Indiana were captured last week after their 2-year-old boy was discovered walking alone and partially nude on a state roadway. According to court filings, Austin Police Department police detained 28-year-old Deone Oliver and 22-year-old Alexandrea Church on Friday, April 15. 

Police said they were summoned to the junction of West Main Street and South 6th Street in Austin soon after 3 p.m. after somebody revealed noticing a 2-year-old running across State Road 256. According to police, the child was discovered in the hands of an onlooker, wearing just a diaper and socks. The child had “a little cut on the underside of his chin that looked to have been glued shut” and food matted in his hair, according to court records.

The Department of Child Services was notified, and officers began knocking on doors in the neighbourhood in an attempt to locate the boy’s parents. Police say Oliver, the boy’s dad, contacted them at 4 p.m. and led them to their neighbouring house, where they also met with the boy’s mother, Church. According to court filings, investigators discovered horrible circumstances inside the residence, which also houses a 1-year-old child.

An officer stated in the probable cause affidavit that as he stepped into the apartment, he noticed the stink of excrement, garbage, and old food stacked on the counter tops, stove, kitchen sink, and the floor throughout. According to police, they discovered a crib with a combination of old food and excrement on the mattress. Police said they were faced with another unsettling sight inside the 2-year-old’s bedroom.

The officer expressed that with the exception of a bed, he witnessed nothing inside the bedroom. He saw that the bed was covered with what seemed to be spaghetti and had a plastic covering over the mattress. He also noticed what seemed to be excrement on the walls of the room, with hand prints in them” that matched the size of the 2-year-old’s prints” When asked, Church allegedly stated that she believed the excrement had been there for a week. Oliver stated that he assumed it had been a few days. Both were charged and convicted with neglect of a kid. Currently they are being held at the Scott County Detention Center.

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