Cop Overhears 9-Year-Old Girl’s Chat At Police Station, Immediately Seeks Other Officers.

With all that has been going on lately, Detroit has become a dangerous city. Well, even more dangerous. Police there are almost constantly having to watch their backs, even when the smallest of people appear.

So when 9-year-old Samya appeared at the police department and put her hand in her bag, officers immediately went on alert. Then she announced that it was her birthday and she started pulling out several handmade lunches that she had made for the officers at the precinct there.

Samya had a big party all planned, but with the Detroit police in the news, she decided they needed a boost and started making lunches for them. Her parents were there with her, and very proud of her willingness to do something nice for the police men and women. The little girl wanted to make sure that all the officers felt appreciated.

Twitter/Jason Scott

Well, the officers certainly did, and just loved what little Samya had done for them. After serving the lunches at the police station, Samya and her parents went to a homeless shelter and gave out 30 more lunches. This little girl is full of surprises, and it was certain to be one of her most memorable birthdays.

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