Cop Rushed To Help When Noticed The Mother Cutting The Grass Wearing The Baby Carrier.

Rachel Brindley is the mother of three young children. And she does quite a bit… at the same time. She’s pretty much one of those supermoms who seem to be able to get done whatever needs done and make it look easy.

But every now and then, even Rachel runs into a difficult task. Her husband was supposed to mow the lawn, but he was pulled away to work for an important project. So Rachel, who actually LIKES mowing the yard, decided to do it herself… with her 4-month-old strapped into a front-facing carrier.

As she was mowing with the baby clinging to her in the carrier, a police officer drove up, pulled into her driveway and started walking her way. Well, Rachel sure thought she was in trouble for something. But she wasn’t.

The officer insisted on mowing the yard for her, so she could take care of her baby. He knew she needed a hand, and she was extremely thankful for his kind gesture.

Rachel posted about the incident online and it has been shared tens of thousands of times. 

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