Cop Sings “You Are My Sunshine” After Fixing The Old Woman Microwave.

Sometimes, the elderly need help with things. And sometimes, they just don’t know who to call for that help. So, they often will call the police.

In Logan, Utah, police officer Kristian Johnson got just one of those calls back in June. An elderly woman was having a problem with her microwave….. so she called the police. And Kristian responded. Not that he knew a whole lot about microwaves, but he was sure gonna do his best to try to help her.

When Kristian got there, he discovered the woman was blind, and her microwave was flashing an error message. Fortunately, he fixed that for her and she was able to use it again. But the officer’s work was not done yet. Not at all.

When he asked if he could do anything else for her, she asked him if he could sing. Kristian told her he was not a good singer. But she asked him to sing for her anyway. So he did. He sang to her, “You Are My Sunshine.”

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