Cop Sits And Chats With Him Rather Than Using Force On The Distressed Man.

A year ago, in a park in London, Ontario, Greg Horton heard a man scream. When he looked around, he could see a man sitting on a swing, and it looked as though he was hitting himself. And there was a lot of yelling going on.

Greg immediately called 911 and told the dispatcher there was a man at the park having a mental crisis. What happened next really surprised him.

An officer walked up to the swingset at the park, sat in a swing near the man, and began to calmly talk to him. After about 30 minutes, the man got up and walked away with the police officer.

Said Greg: “I thought it was a compassionate and beautiful thing with the officer sitting down at a swing beside the person, rather than confronting him. It was really nice to see, especially with all the media that’s kind of negative toward the police.” 

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