Cop Surprised The Hardworking Boy With A New Bike.

The following was posted by the Stark County Sheriff’s Department:

On Sunday, August 6th deputies on afternoon shift stopped at 38th St. at Whipple Ave N.W to check on Shavon Newman who appeared to be working on an old rusted bicycle.

Shavon explained to deputies that his bike was his method of transportation to and from work every day. He lives on Fawcett Ave N.W and he works at a restaurant in Jackson Twp.

Unfortunately, his bike could not be repaired due to the age and rust on the bike. Deputies gave him a ride home so he wouldn’t have to walk all the way with his broken bike.

Afternoon shift deputies were told the story of young Shavon Newman and it touched their hearts. Today deputies White and Miller along with Sgt Cook went to Shavon Newman’s residence to present him with a brand new bicycle.

Seeing the excitement in Shavon’s face as he tried out his new bike proved to us all that if anyone was deserving of this small token of kindness he was truly the one. Keep up the good work Shavon your brothers and sisters at the Sheriff’s office have your back. 

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