Cop Takes Action When They Overheard The Children Talk.

One recent afternoon, three young children were with their family at the food court inside the Westbrook Mall, and they were talking about that nasty old Grinch, the one who plots to do away with Christmas. Well, it just so happens that four Calgary police officers overheard their conversation, so they walked up to the family.

One of the officers crouched down at their table and he told the family that the officers were planning to arrest the Grinch, who was on the other side of the mall, and take him away… far away… where he could do no harm to Christmas. But, he said, they needed help; they needed some children to act as their back ups. Well all the children’s eyes widened, and they quickly offered their assistance. So they rose from their table. Lunch could certainly wait; they were going to catch the Grinch!

So the young children, two boys and one girl, walked with the police officers through the mall. And there he was. Their pace picked up a bit, and quickly, in a flash, they all surrounded the green meanie, as one of the officer’s slapped handcuffs on his creepy green hands. The children were thrilled and jumped for joy. That nasty old thing won’t be messing with Christmas this year. And then everyone posed for photos.

Even that green meanie managed a sour smile. This story of the capture was shared by the mother of the children, who said: “I just wanted to share this story as it made the kids day (maybe even year). They have not stopped talking about it. The Grinch was amazing and the cops were fabulous. My kids felt like it was the best day ever!” And maybe, with Christmas now saved, it was.

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