Cops ‘Flip A Coin’ To Decide Whether They’ll Arrest Driver.

A young lady in Georgia was seen weeping after a police body camera captured her being pulled over for supposedly speeding and cops flipping a coin to determine if or not to arrest her. 

Sarah Webb, a 24-year-old hairdresser, did not dispute speeding, telling a Roswell Police Department officer that she was late for work. 

The officer inquired whether driving that fast on a wet road simply because she is late for work is a good idea or instead of phoning and saying you’re running late for work? Sarah was on the point of tears as she apologised, her voice wavering. 

Webb later in an interview described the officers as “extremely humiliating, disrespectful, and harsh.” 

As if that wasn’t enough, the officer is then shown heading back to the police car, where she and her colleague debate whether to arrest the driver for reckless driving or let her go with a citation. 

While the body camera continues to film, the policeman launches a coin toss app on her phone. 

The cops then agree that if it’s heads, she’ll be arrested, and if it’s tails, she’ll get a ticket. 

The recording was shown to retired Los Angeles Police Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey. She added that she believes this is not the first time they have done this since they did it with ease — they knew exactly where to go in the programme for the coin toss; they thought it was amusing, Despite the fact that the “coin” fell on tails, they opted to arrest her anyhow. The hairdresser was ordered to exit her vehicle and was handcuffed. She starts to sob uncontrollably in the rear seat of the police vehicle. 

Webb expressed she was “extremely outraged and disturbed” when she found out her destiny was determined by a coin flip. “It really ached to know that these individuals were meant to be looking out for you, and it was all a game to them,” she explained. 

Prosecutors dropped all charges against Webb when the video appeared. The two cops surrendered their firearms and credentials awaiting the outcome of the inquiry. 

Roswell city representative Julie Brechbill affirmed that officials Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson were dismissed effective Thursday, according to Roswell city spokeswoman Julie Brechbill, weeks after footage stopped surfaced. 

For the duration of the internal inquiry, the officers were placed on administrative leave. 

Roswell Mayor Lori Henry condemned the police’ actions as “inexcusable and unprofessional.” 

Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant stated in a letter to the fired officers that the two had ‘engaged in conduct on or off duty that negatively affects the effectiveness of the department and has a potential to damage public respect for the employee or the department.’ 

The chief’s memo also accused Brown and Wilson of breaking police department regulations that require officers to be “kind, attentive, and patient” with the public. 

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