Cops Goes Viral For Their Kind Deeds Towards A Homeless Man.

During the winter of last year, Chicago police officers Pete White and Bob Osborne were patrolling the city’s west side when they spotted a vagrant walking in and out of traffic. They were worried he would get hurt or cause an accident, so they gave him a citation.

In doing so, they noticed the coat he was wearing was extremely thin, and not near good enough to withstand Chicago’s brutal winters. And they promised him the next time they ran into him, he would get a coat from them.

That night, officer White grabbed one of his old winter coats from his closet and kept it in his patrol car to give to the man. Unfortunately, the officers did not see him again for about three weeks. But when they DID see him, they stopped their car and made good on their promise.

A video of the man getting the coat went viral. 

My partner Pete doing a good deed. We wrote this guy a ticket 3 weeks ago and he had a thin little jacket so Pete promised him that he would bring him his old coat. When we finally saw him again Pete gave him his coat. See Pete White you are not such a bad guy. CPD is the best!

Posted by Bobby Oz on Monday, 30 January 2017

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